A new company is offering fake holiday snaps to share on social media and boost your online coolness factor on the cheap.

Want to get a bunch of likes for your awesome travel pictures, without the hassle of actually travelling anywhere? Going abroad can be pretty expensive, and it generally seems that holiday photos from more exotic destinations garner more likes.. so what to do if your budget is tight?

Enter Fake A Vacation, a Nebraska (US) company that will help you, well, fake a vacation. The process is simple: you take a picture of yourself, select one of their holiday packages — starting at the low price of $19.99 for a 'visit' to Las Vegas, going up to $99 for a custom package — and they will do the rest.

Then you just post your snaps to social media, sit back, and rake in those sweet, sweet likes. If you want to be a bit more original, why not splurge on a custom package and a visit to the giant potato AirBnB in Idaho?