Free drinking water is becoming more and more of a necessity for many people, both out of environmental reasons and financial ones. In 2018, 786,000 litres of water were distributed to visitors of the capital through drinking water fountains.

In Luxembourg, the debate concerning free tap water at restaurants continues, with our own intern at RTL Today touching on the issue. Whilst restaurants may not have hopped on the tap water trend just yet, the City of Luxembourg authorities offer free drinking water via 26 different water fountains in the capital. Most of these are found in parks and near playgrounds.

2018 saw 786,000 litres of water distributed, marking a significant increase compared to the previous year (752,000 litres).

Le modèle "Pepino" est destiné aux enfants.

The "Kaltreis" playground in Bonnevoie appears to be the most popular water fountain in all the capital, as it delivered 200,000 litres of the free water distributed last year. The playground is followed by the water fountains in the Pétrusse valley, notably the water fountain by the fitness park (102,000 litres) and by the Pétrusse Skatepark (95,000 litres).

Next time you find yourself in need of refreshment, check out this handy map to find your nearest water fountain rather than buying a plastic bottle! (And don't forget your reusable water bottle!)

Alternatively, you can also fill up your water bottle at establishments taking part in "Refill Luxembourg", an initiative whereby participating establishments allow you to fill your bottle up for free. You can find participating outlets on the Refill Letzebuerg app, available on Android and IOS.