An international initiative is finally coming to Luxembourg: new water refill stations are the latest addition to the arsenal in the fight against excessive plastic use.

The goal is abundantly clear: a new network of water refill points will hopefully play a key role in cutting down on our plastic waste. In short, people are encouraged to partake in a collective effort to drink more tap water and use less single-use plastic bottles. The system is relatively easy: a new app will help consumers find the 50 new refill stations, which are usually situated in shops or other public places, by showing their location on a map.

The initiative is undoubtedly bursting with potential but even advocates of "Refill Luxembourg" are aware of potential problems. David Kieffer, who is one of the people behind the pioneering initiative, only knows too well that social trends are always fickle in nature and can change very quickly. The project's ultimate success therefore still remains uncertain.

However, he remains optimistic and explains that the concept, even if only moderately successful, represents a step in the right direction because it will gradually incite a rethinking of our habits. Once we start carrying our reusable bottle, it can become a greatly beneficial habit.

The first step has been made; now we'll have to wait and see if "Refill Luxembourg" will be able to change the entrenched habits of a society has grown accustomed to throwing away their plastic bottles after use.