Debby Friday is no stranger to defying expectations.

In a candid conversation with Stephen Lowe on the LunchBox, Friday dismantles the preconceived notions that her audacious, confrontational electronic music has led people to form about her. Contrary to the aggressive persona that her music might suggest, Friday is, in fact, a more introverted soul. The misconceptions have now become a source of amusement for her.

Her latest album, "GOOD LUCK," serendipitously mirrored the timeline of the pandemic. The writing process began pre-lockdown and concluded as the world started to emerge from isolation. Friday now sees the album as an inevitable part of her journey, a realisation that was not apparent during the album's inception. "GOOD LUCK" is a natural evolution from her initial EPs, "Bitchpunk" and "Death Drive," marking the point where she feels she has truly discovered her unique sound.

DEBBY FRIDAY - WHAT A MAN (Official Video)

This project marked her first collaboration with producer Graham Walsh, known for his work in the pop-punk genre. Despite the stylistic differences, Friday found that Walsh had an intuitive understanding of her music and could "take the song where it needed to go."

The album's companion short film was an integral part of the project from the outset. The script was crafted in tandem with the songs, resulting in a semi-autobiographical visual narrative of Friday's life.

Friday's music is designed to evoke a spectrum of emotions in her listeners, whether they are positive or negative. She draws inspiration from a myriad of sources, including life experiences and the people around her.

The album is now available for streaming, and the accompanying short film, "GOOD LUCK," is available here on YouTube.

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