Patrizia van der Weken clinched victory in the 60-metre dash final at a Paris indoor athletics meeting, narrowly outpacing Britain's Daryll Neita and Switzerland's Géraldine Frey with a winning time of 7.15 seconds.

On Sunday, Patrizia van der Weken won the 60-metre dash final at an athletics indoor meeting in Paris with a time of 7.15 seconds. The 26-year-old runner, who already qualified for the upcoming Paris Olympics, beat Britain's Daryll Neita (7.16) and Switzerland's Géraldine Frey (7.17).

Prior to the final dash, van der Weken achieved a time of 7.14 seconds. The Luxembourgish record is 7.09 seconds, held by van der Weken herself, which she accomplished at the Coque three weeks ago.