Following the birth of her second child in December 2020, Luxembourg's Number One is back on the tennis field.

Minella initially planned to retire after the tournament at Kockelscheier, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this tournament never took place.

This motivated Minella not to retire just yet and instead work on her comeback. She and her partner, Tim Sommer, do their best to care for their children and give her enough time to train at the same time.

Besides training on the tennis field, Minella also attends additional sessions at the High Performance Training and Recovery Center (HPTRC). Jêrôme Pauls and Ben Moes are part of Minella's team of doctors and trainers, which has been assembled to help her get back into professional shape as quickly as possible.

Minella intends to add one more professional season to her career, in the hopes of properly saying goodbye to her fans… ideally with them cheering her on in the stands.