3D scanning machines used all over the world are developed and produced right here in the Grand Duchy.

The American company Artec 3D was founded in Silicon Valley, before moving to Luxembourg in 2010. 3D scanners are needed in all possible areas, whether for the design of new products or for quality control. Artec 3D's customers include all major car and aircraft manufacturers.

"Science, universities and schools make up our second major area, after industry," says general director Artyom Yukhin. "The 3D scanners have revolutionised archaeology and palaeontology. The scientist now has a handy device that works in the field and can capture all the details and colours in 3D."

The list goes on. In medicine, 3D scanners are used to help plan operations or develop prostheses, while in policing, they're used to secure traces, for example in accidents. Even President Obama has already been scanned by one such machine before.

Many scanner producers are based in Asia, while all Artec 3D machines are manufactured in Luxembourg.

The decision to move to the Grand Duchy is paying off, says Yukhin. "Firstly, we have more control over production, especially with new developments. And secondly, when we had lockdowns, many (competing) companies stopped their production. But we were able to continue."

The company employs 100 staff in the Grand Duchy alone. They are also in the process of setting up a completely new production line, which should be put into operation in January.

Recently, Artec 3D scanned a complete Air Rescue helicopter. The result of that work can currently be seen in the Luxembourg Science Center in Differdange.