A recent Eurostat report for 2021 highlights Luxembourg's prominent position in the EU, with foreign-controlled enterprises contributing a staggering 55.5% to the nation's economic value added, the highest in the bloc.

In a recent Eurostat report detailing the influence of foreign-controlled enterprises across the European Union in 2021, Luxembourg emerges as a standout leader in several economic indicators. The report highlights the substantial role these enterprises play within the EU market, with the Grand Duchy at the forefront in terms of value added to the economy, the share of enterprises, and employment impact.

Foreign-controlled enterprises are a significant force within the EU, contributing 22.5% to the value added in the business producers market. Luxembourg's economy is particularly buoyant in this regard, with a staggering 55.5% of its value added coming from enterprises under foreign control. This figure not only places the Grand Duchy second only to Ireland within the EU, but also showcases the country's attractive business environment for foreign investment.

Moreover, Luxembourg has the highest share of foreign-controlled enterprises among all EU countries, at 29.2% — significantly higher than other member states. The employment landscape in Luxembourg is also significantly influenced by foreign-controlled enterprises, with 43.8% of jobs attributed to them, the highest share in the EU.