The newly proposed version of the Bascharage bypass will not go through the Bobësch forest, instead following the train tracks.

Building work could start in about one year.

The company Saint-Gobain will have to relocate. It might move to the industrial zone Wolser 2 near Dudelange, as there is a plot of land that belongs to the state there. But some details still need to be cleared up. Either way the Ministry of Finance must act before the commune of Bascharage can give out the construction authorisation.

It should also be noted that Saint-Gobain was given a month's time to think about the relocation, but the negotiations are looking good.

The bypass around Bascharage is part of a general project to help traffic flow in the area around Bascharage and Sanem. A study will also be carried out to determine which road to close in the future.

A different part of the project is dedicated to make public transportation and bicycle lanes more efficient in the area. For example, a bicycle lane will be built next to the bypass. A bigger car park will also be built around the Bascharage-Sanem train station to accommodate more people.

The budget for this bigger project is still the same one that was voted on five years ago, so no changes need to be made.

By the end of September this project will be handed to the Ministry of the Environment.

The municipal council will meet the Ministry of Public Works on Thursday.