Following a distressing bout of aggressive hate speech targeting Tatta Tom on social media last week, several associations have stepped forward to show their solidarity and support for her.

The controversy arose after a reading session for children at the Esch-sur-Alzette library, hosted by drag queen Tatta Tom ("Auntie Tom"). This event triggered a slew of negative reactions on various social networks.

In a collective press release, ten organisations dedicated to combating hatred and discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community have come together to express their support for Tatta Tom. Together, they advocate for a society that embraces inclusivity, where everyone can find their rightful place.

For approximately five years, Tom Hecker, President of the Rosa Luxembourg association, has been playing the role of Tatta Tom and explaining LGBTQIA+ issues to children using creative storytelling. Each story is thoughtfully tailored to address relevant themes, with the overarching aim of fostering empathy and promoting tolerance for diversity among young minds.

Despite the numerous negative messages calling for the event's cancellation, the reading session will proceed as planned on 29 July at 2 pm in the library in Esch, in the presence of the children, their parents, and Tatta Tom.