An upcoming children's reading session, to be hosted by drag queen Tatta Tom, has provoked a wave of negative reactions on social media.

The event, scheduled for 29 July, aims to promote diversity and tolerance, values that seem to have been overlooked by some, given the uproar the event has caused.

The deluge of inappropriate and homophobic comments has been strongly condemned by numerous internet users, the municipality of Esch-sur-Alzette, and the Minister of Interior, Taina Bofferding.


© Ville d'Esch/Facebook

In a Facebook post, Esch's newly-elected local council reiterated its commitment to supporting and defending diversity by endorsing Tatta Tom's visit to the public library. Here, Tatta Tom will read extracts from books to children aged six and over.

Through this, the municipality hopes to underscore the importance of combating all forms of discrimination, stigmatisation, and incitement to hatred based on a person's sexual orientation.

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Bofferding emphasised the importance and enjoyment of such an experience for the children. She noted that children initially immerse themselves in everything they see without prejudice, before starting to develop a critical sense by listening to the reactions and stereotypes of those around them.

Despite the numerous negative messages calling for the event's cancellation, the reading session will proceed as planned on 29 July at 2 pm in the library in Esch, in the presence of the children, their parents, and Tatta Tom.