The Order of Architects (OAI) previously condemned the council's actions, expressing their disapproval of how the local authorities publicly criticised the architects, deeming it as "unworthy" behaviour.

The OAI also criticised that the architecture firm had not been adequately informed about the termination of the contract.

The municipality of Schengen refutes the accusations put forth by the OAI, labelling them as "false." According to the municipality, there was never any intention to tarnish the reputation of the firm in question. In fact, the municipality continues to collaborate with the firm on other projects.

Regarding the "Baggerweiren" school campus project, the municipality maintains that the visions of the local officials and the architecture firm were simply too divergent to reconcile. The local officials insist that they did not prioritise the media at any point and that they consistently adhered to democratic rules throughout the process.