After a meeting on Monday morning, the Chamber's health commission reached a general consensus that it is time to lift the main remaining coronavirus measures given the current situation.

The Christian Social People's Party (CSV) also agrees with the path proposed by the government. MP Claude Wiseler, the Covid-19 spokesperson for the opposition party, argued that infection numbers are low, that Omicron is less pathogenic than expected, and that maintaining these measures no longer makes sense.

MP Mars di Bartolomeo, president of the health commission, stressed that the mandatory wearing of masks might be maintained in the health and care sectors, but that this would no longer be regulated by law: "Where it makes sense to wear masks, where there are vulnerable people, in hospitals or nursing homes for instance, the wearing of masks might continue being maintained through internal regulations."

In this regard, the CSV deems it important that the government issues uniform recommendations for these sectors. Its members also reminded the government that the pandemic law must be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies before the end of this legislative period.

The President of the commission emphasised that work on these final changes should be completed quickly: "If all goes well, the new law can come into force in the final week of March", said MP di Bartolomeo.

However, not all measures will be abandoned, the ones relating to the vaccine, for instance, will stay in place at least until the end of the year.