The Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO) has expressed optimism about the upcoming season after tourist numbers rose again in 2022.

Tourism in Luxembourg is slowly climbing back to pre-pandemic numbers.

The capital's tourist office counted 102,960 visitors in 2022, bringing tourist numbers closer to 2019 figures. The majority of visitors hailed from Germany (26%), closely followed by tourists from France and the Netherlands.

Luxembourgish residents still accounted for 7% of the tourists in the capital, according to the LCTO office.

2022 saw the reopening of the popular Pétrusse casemates under the Gëlle Fra at the beginning of June, which attracted over 8,500 visitors across 675 tours. The Grand Ducal palace also remains a popular tourist attraction with almost 5,200 visitors across 300 guided tours, filling 99% of the palace's capacity.