Seven years ago, the one-month-old baby girl went missing and authorities have unsuccessfully been looking for Bianka ever since. On Tuesday, her mother will have to face trial in relation to the disappearance.

Many hope that the trial might bring clarity to what happened to the missing baby. The most important question is whether the girl is still alive or not. However, given that Bianka's mother stands accused of murder, homicide, and assault of a minor, authorities currently presume that she has passed away.

The investigation of the girl's disappearance concluded in 2019. A large-scale search operation was conducted at a pond in Linger, the place where Bianka was last seen, but even though all the water was eventually pumped out, efforts remained in vain.

As a witness alleged that Bianka's mother took her to the pond, she has been at the centre of the investigation ever since. She was arrested only days after her child's disappearance, but let go again after 14 months of pre-trial confinement.

The disappearance of the baby girl initially came to light because a juvenile court judge ordered the police to take Bianka in, as was already done with her older siblings.

One of the leads in the investigation pointed to Portugal where relatives of the baby live. Hopes built that Bianka might have been handed over to a third party in an attempt to protect her from the grasp of Luxembourgish authorities.

Nevertheless, to this day it remains unclear what happened to Bianka, who would have, or has, turned seven this year.