A heavy-handed arrest by the police this weekend has caused a furore online after video footage circulated on social media.

Sunday's police report included an incident of drunk and disorderly behaviour at the winter market in Bertrange, during which one person was arrested and taken to a cell to sober up.

However, video footage of the incident depicts a police officer twice smashing the man's head against the window of a police van whilst attempting to put the man in handcuffs. The individual was then taken to a drunk tank.

According to the Tageblatt newspaper, the man in question has been identified as Ben Schronen, who made himself known to police in 2021 when he joined the anti-Covid protesters rioting at the capital's Christmas market, and later outside the private homes of politicians such as Xavier Bettel and Corinne Cahen.

Our colleagues at RTL 5Minutes have attempted to make contact with Schronen, without success.

The police press office confirmed they were aware of the video, but declined to make a statement following RTL's enquiries, and referred any further queries to the General Police Inspectorate (IGP).