25 parking spaces have been removed to make space for the new two-way cycle path which runs alongside the municipal park.

In order to improve safety for cyclists in Luxembourg City, the city council has unveiled new transitional infrastructure on Boulevard Prince Henri, which will remain in place until the final development project by Creos begins in late 2023.

A new two-way cycle path has been implemented alongside the municipal park, between avenue Pescatore and avenue de la Porte-Neuve, with 14 car parking spaces and 11 motorbike spaces eliminated as a result.

The removal of the spaces will be compensated for by the adaptation of existing parking regulations for short periods of time. The disabled spaces have been moved to the parking strip on Boulevard Prince Henri (intersection Boulevard Prince Henri / Avenue de la Porte-Neuve).

A 270-metre-long physical barrier has also been erected between Avenue Pescatore and Avenue Emile Reuter to separate the cycle path from the road, while a pedestrian crossing is now situated at the intersection formed by Boulevard Prince Henri with avenue de la Porte-Neuve.

In a statement, the municipality said the temporary infrastructure would allow safe travel for cyclists, pending the completion of the final project in 2023, and the creation of a raised cycle path over the entire length of Boulevard Prince Henri.

The project, which will run alongside energy supplier Creos' infrastructure works, will aim to create a direct link for cyclists between the Pfaffenthal lift and Kirchberg, and the city centre, concluding with a cycle bridge towards the capital's main train station. Eventually, cyclists in the municipal park will be kept to a strict minimum in order to make the area safer for pedestrians.