More than one in five passenger cars in the Grand Duchy in 2020 were new or nearly new.

Eurostat consider the newest cars to be those first registered in the past two years.

In Luxembourg, 22% of passenger cars in use in 2020 met this definition. Behind Luxembourg was France, Austria, Ireland, Belgium and Sweden - all between 16% and 17%. The equivalent figure for Germany was just under 13%.

The highest share of passenger cars between 2 and 5 years old was also found in Luxembourg, at 28% (also in Ireland). Belgium was second-placed at 24%.


© Eurostat

As for old vehicles, the highest share of passenger cars over 20 years old was found in Poland (40%), followed by Estonia (33%), then Finland (28%).

Looking at all vehicles registered more than 10 years ago, the highest share was in Lithuania (81%), then Romania (80%), and then Poland (78%).

On this measure Luxembourg was bottom of the table: just 24% of vehicles were more than 10 years old. Ireland (29%) and Belgium (32%) were again close to the Grand Duchy.

After the car industry was hit hard by the pandemic, in 2020 the Luxembourg-Belgium federation of car manufacturers called for more generous measures to encourage new car purchases, such as car scrappage schemes and subsidies.

Earlier this year, the government announced an extension of the subsidy for electric cars and bicycles through to March 2024.