If you've lost all hope of buying a property in Luxembourg, why not look north for your very own island, situated between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Six bedrooms, two reception rooms, eleven hectares of land surrounded by sea views, and your very own lighthouse to boot... A British estate agency has just published an unusual property listing.

Pladda Island and its lighthouse are available for the sum of £350,000, or around €415,000 - half the average price of a house purchase in the Grand Duchy. From 2020-2021, the average home cost around €842,000 in Luxembourg. The average house cost over a million euros, while flats went for an average of €642,900 in the first half of 2021.
In addition to the lighthouse, the former keeper's quarters and another smaller accommodation near a jetty are included in the sale, as well as a helipad, walled gardens and outbuildings. "The accommodation has not been used in recent years and needs to be upgraded." specifies the ad.

The 11 hectare island is home to wildlife such as otters, seals and over 100 species of birds.