Observe how the colours of the Luxembourgish countryside evolved compared to those photographed during last year's summer.

The month of July has been the sunniest July since Luxembourg's weather records began. According to Meteolux, it was also the third-driest month in recent history. Average temperatures were 1.9°C above the average recorded between 1991 and 2020.

This combination of sunshine, lack of rain, and elevated temperatures has left a visible mark on countryside and forests. Comparing two aerial views of the Grand Duchy, one from 21 July 2021, the other from 27 July 2022, one can see how the landscape has turned yellow almost in the entirety of the country.

Although strained, Luxembourg's water reserves are still considered sufficient, which is why the Water Management Authority recently revoked its vigilance alert. However, people are still advised to keep water consumption at a minimum and avoid wasting water.