A petition has been launched for Luxembourgish student Jeff Dieschburg's prize at a Strassen art show to be revoked following accusations that he plagiarised other artists.

US-based artist Jingna Zhang revealed in an Instagram post that her work had been appropriated by Dieschburg, who was recently awarded a prize at the 11th edition of the Strassen Biennale.

In an interview with L’Essentiel, Dieschburg defended his work: 'It is a production that I completed as part of my studies. A painter can appropriate material and transpose it into another context. I defend the principle of mimicry - it's a common artistic strategy. I am still a student. I need references to reproduce the world around me.'

Dieschburg has now hired lawyer Gaston Vogel to represent him. Vogel said: 'I can't stand that an exceptional talent is being persecuted for nonsense. He can’t be accused of plagiarism. Throughout history, artists have inspired each other. Those who accuse him are mistaken.'

The municipality of Strassen has also responded to the story. 'We have demanded explanations from the Luxembourgish artist, who has denied these accusations. A sworn expert has been appointed and she will be responsible for clarifying the case,” said Betty Welter-Gaul, president of the exhibition jury.'

The petition to revoke Dieschburg's prize can be found here.