Despite signals to the contrary earlier this week, Luxair has opted to remove compulsory masks on board its flights - however, this will only apply to destinations which permit it.

The national airline announced the change on Friday, backtracking on previous statements that they would maintain compulsory masks despite the EASA making recommendations to the contrary.

Passengers are advised to inform themselves about their destination's Covid requirements ahead of their departure.

Gilles Feith, CEO of Luxair, had previously expressed frustration at the lack of homogeneous requirements across the EU.

Covid laws in general do not necessarily apply to flights, as aviation does not fall under public transport. At present, masks are compulsory on board buses, trains and trams in Luxembourg - although this could soon be lifted with the advent of a new Covid law, according to health director Jean-Claude Schmit.

On Monday, two European agencies, the EASA and ECDC, recommended that Covid measures on board flights could be lifted.