An educator with a diploma in dance pedagogy was invited by the job centre to apply for a job as "dancer, stripper, escort". The Ministry of Labour admitted a "big mistake".

After the screenshot of the Adem offer made the rounds on social media last Thursday, the ministry responded.

"Two candidates received an offer for the position of dancer-stripper-escort", wrote Georges Engel, minister of Labour and Employment, in a response to a parliamentary question by green MPs Djuna Bernard and Charles Margue.

Both women were informed that they did not have to respond to the offer. The Adem quickly apologised to the candidates for the blunder, an apology which "was accepted", wrote the minister.

The normal procedure was not followed in this case, a "mistake by the Adem". When a job offer might offend the sensibilities of pre-selected candidates, Adem advisors are supposed to contact them individually to ensure the job matches their search criteria. This was not done in these two cases.