EDMO BELUX, a cross-country expert hub tackling disinformation, is launching its first efforts and website today.

The new EDMO BELUX website can be found at belux.edmo.eu, where new fact-checks and resources will be published daily, as well as on social media, to better counter the spread of disinformation in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The European Digital Media Observatory for Belgium and Luxembourg (EDMO BELUX) is a hub for research on digital media and disinformation in Belgium and Luxembourg. EDMO BELUX operates in five languages (French, Dutch, Luxembourgish, English and German). This European Commission funded hub gathers a network of more than 100 disinformation experts. It is one of eight projects to have received EU funding to set up national and multinational observatories to counter disinformation.

For media, citizens, and governments

Modern technologies have enabled the rapid spread of disinformation across vast distances, and at short notice. To help counter this, EDMO BELUX will, over the next months:

  • publish 800 fact-checks in five languages (English, Dutch, French, Luxembourgish, German)

● conduct OSINT (open-source intelligence) investigations on disinformation campaigns

● develop and hold media literacy activities at community level in three languages (French, Dutch, Luxembourgish)

● deliver annual cross-community audience studies on impact of disinformation campaigns

● provide annual assessments of effectiveness of platform responses to disinformation.

EDMO BELUX mission

Establish and maintain:

● A disinformation rapid response network: the platform will provide daily fact-checks, regular analysis and expertise to first responders of disinformation and citizens to better grasp the dangers of disinformation, tools to fight it, and factual information

● A knowledge hub with key resources to better understand disinformation and its impact

● A strong network of journalists, academics and experts that bring a coherent and collective response to disinformation.

Where can you find publications from EDMO BELUX?

On the website belux.edmo.eu, via the @EDMO_BeLux Twitter account, and on LinkedIn under EDMO BELUX. And, of course, on the three RTL websites under the 'fact check' banner (RTL.lu5minutes.lu and Today.lu).

Who are the EDMO BELUX members?


EDMO BELUX is a cross-community, multilingual collaboration between Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles, Mediawijs, EU Disinfolab, Agence France-Presse, RTL Luxembourg, RTBF and Athens Technology Center.

The full press release can be found here: