A country's 'Overshoot Day' marks the day when a country's natural resources for the entire year have been used up.

The day Luxembourg has used up all of its annual ecological resources comes one day earlier than it did in 2021, and two days earlier than in 2020. Qatar achieved the earliest date on 10 February, the Grand Duchy finds itself in the second position - nothing to be proud of.

Luxembourg is estimated to have consumed all of its annual resources in just a span of 45 days. In other words, if every country consumed the same way Luxembourg did, it would require eight Earths to satisfy humanity's needs.

Belgium is expected to hit its Overshoot Day in March, while France, Germany, and Portugal are scheduled for May. Last year, the average date for overshoot day was 29 July.


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The annual listing is compiled by the Global Footprint Network and based on data concerning CO2 emissions, the use of land, fishing, and agriculture, among other things. The respective data sets then allow to estimate the national capacity for production and consumption.

In the case of Luxembourg, it is mainly through CO2 emissions that the Overshoot Day is reached so quickly. Due to its size and position, the Grand Duchy draws significant numbers of consumers from its neighbouring countries, who, for example, refuel their cars across the border, or come here to work and consume.