On Thursday morning, infectious disease expert Dr Gérard Schockmel was live on RTL Radio to answer listeners' questions about the planned vaccine mandate and Covid-19 in general.

Nearly 99% of the people who have died from the coronavirus in Luxembourg were over 50 years old. For this reason, Dr Schockmel explained, compulsory vaccination for younger people would "not necessarily be justified". On the other hand, a sectorial vaccine mandate for the health and care sector, where employees work with vulnerable people, "makes the most sense".

The current generation of vaccines is effective enough to prevent severe courses of the disease and this "for all variants of the coronavirus", the infectious disease expert stated.

In fact, this is the main objective of vaccination, which is why basic vaccination is so important, according to Dr Schockmel, who does not believe that there will be a need for continuous boosters, i.e., regular booster vaccinations.

Three injections are considered a "complete vaccination" and create a "basic immunity" which would be sufficient, Dr Schockmel explained. In addition, a coronavirus infection acts as a booster for those already vaccinated. This is referred to as "hybrid immunity".

To opponents of the vaccines, Dr Schockmel explained that in society, collective right takes precedence over individual right.

Therefore, society as a whole should not be restricted because of the individual. This is why a vaccine mandate "makes sense", according to the infectious diseases expert.

Dr Schockmel also pointed out that the Paxlovid antiviral treatment cannot replace a vaccine either, because it does nothing to strengthen the immune system.