As of 1 July 2021, blue Valorlux bags can be filled with additional types of plastic packages.

Since the introduction, the list of recyclable items further includes plastic pots, cups, trays, as well as plastic films and bags.

Last year, Valorlux recycled an additional 3,088 metric tons of plastics with the help of the blue bags, a plus of 29%. Director Claude Turping expressed satisfaction over this evolution, although he initially hoped for a 40% increase. However, the recycling method only received countrywide-approval in July last year, which is why this year's rate might still increase even more.

The recycling rate of blue bags was 84.5% in 2021. Every items are recycled, the only exception being PET cups and plates, which are usually covered with additional plastic foils. Instead, they get used as industrial combustible materials. Last year, this process was applied to 5.2% of contents.

Officials noticed that with the approval of additional items, the rate of misplaced objects in the blue bags increased by 1.6% in comparison to 2019. The rate is now set at 10.3%, although only a maximum of 10% are permitted.

Turping explained that the increase was expected given that additional foils necessarily make their way into the bags. Adjustments to the sorting mechanism are therefore being undertaken at the moment.

Video report in Luxembourgish