The prosecution accepts the first instance judgement, which acquitted Frank Engel and the other six defendants.

Frank Engel was prosecuted for fraud, breach of trust, money laundering and forgery. An employment contract between him and the non-profit organisation "CSV-Frëndeskrees", which translates into Circle of Friends of the CSV, was at the centre of the trial.

Six members of the CSV were co-defendants, including the former secretary general, Félix Eischen, and André Martins, who was treasurer of the ASBL at the time of the events. They had signed the contract with Frank Engel. Elisabeth Margue and Stéphanie Weydert, vice-presidents at the time, Georges Pierret and Georges Heirendt were prosecuted for fraud and breach of trust.

All seven defendants were acquitted at first instance. This judgment is now final.