Due to the tense security situation, Amnesty International Luxembourg has decided to cancel its traditional torchlight procession in the capital this weekend.

Instead, Amnesty International Luxembourg calls on everyone who wants to show solidarity with human rights to light a candle and step outside their front door at 6pm on Friday, 10 December – Human Rights Day. Participants should then take a picture of themselves, post it to social media, and tag Amnesty International Luxembourg (Instagram: @amnesty_luxembourg, Facebook: @amnestyluxembourg, Twitter: @AmnestyLux). Alternatively, participants can send their pictures to e-mail@amnesty.lu

In addition, Amnesty International Luxembourg is offering its supporters the opportunity to participate in 'Write for Rights' by organising a letter-writing evening. For this purpose, Amnesty International is providing an action kit with all the necessary material to learn about the ten people and groups in the spotlight, write letters to the respective authorities, and send messages of solidarity. The kit can be ordered free of charge by e-mail (activisme@amnesty.lu).

It is also possible to participate digitally in 'Write for Rights', for example by sending tweets to the relevant decision-makers or by signing the ten petitions on the campaign website.

In its statement, Amnesty International Luxembourg expresses its regret over the fact that its own freedom of speech and demonstration is being restricted by other groups and individuals who had announced that they intended to use the traditional torchlight procession to make their own demands.