Some countries, like Austria, and a number of German Länder have already begun inoculating 5-11 year old children.

These are considered "off label", as the vaccine has not yet been approved for the age category, but it is not prohibited.

The American health authorities have already given their approval and children have started getting the jab from early November. Israel, too, has started vaccinating kids.

Luxembourg is waiting for the verdict from the EMA, as the Health Directorate confirmed to RTL. "We're expecting this by early to mid December. After that we will get the vaccines delivered. It is the same as for adults, just a different dosage, and then we can begin."

Children will receive a third of an adult dose and it is administered in two doses, three weeks apart.

But children should be able to help decide whether they want the jab or not, said the ombudsman for children and adolescents, Charel Schmit. This means they must receive proper, age-appropriate information, and they shouldn't be influenced in either direction on whether to get vaccinated, or not.