The Minister of Education held a press conference on Monday morning.

The Minister from the Democratic Party talked about a number of changes to the national education sector that he wants to push through over the coming years: more classes on digitalisation, free homework support, and mandatory school attendance up to the age of 18.

The next two years have to be used to extend the educational offer in Luxembourg, Minister Meisch explained during the press conference. He also underlined the importance of international classes and referred to the new International School in Mersch, which will host a hundred new students as of this week.

The IT section, which has been on offer in some schools since 2017, will be extended to more buildings. The ECG high school will also offer a new section, entitled "N", which focuses on entrepreneurship, finances, and marketing. Classical high schools will also introduce a new section, entitled "P", which will focus on pedagogy, psychology, sociology, as well as philosophy.

Minister Meisch further talked about extending support to pupils in need of extra help. Free homework programmes will thus be organised across the country. Similarly, foreign students who just arrived in the Grand Duchy will get additional support to better integrate into their new class environment.

The Minister noted: "One of the main challenges of our educational system is to integrate pupils who only just arrived in Luxembourg. We therefore have to improve our orientation programmes and support mechanisms. Changing living conditions should not result in educational gaps."

Another important change will be the extension of compulsory school attendance, which will be raised from 16 to 18 years of age. Minister Meisch intends to present a respective draft project to the state council over the coming weeks.