The recent floods, although devastating, failed to adversely affect the Grand Duchy's general power networks, with just two outages in Vianden and Eich.

As the flooding became widespread in mid-July, Creos preemptively took a number of networks offline to prevent further damage.

In Vianden, due to surprise rapid flooding in the early hours of 15 July, Creos was unable to secure the energy point in time. It was subsequently flooded, with water levels of over a metre, causing damage to the cables. Marc Meyer, Creos spokesperson, explained that the water had caused the power to short-circuit. However, the switches in Vianden and Flebour were deployed in order to protect the line. In addition, all security services at the post itself tend to shut down during a flood.

Repairs could take up to a year, with Creos estimating a cost of €150,000 to cover the new infrastructure required following the damage.

In Echternach, however, the power points were switched off as a preventative measure before the floodwaters became too much of a risk, explained Meyer. This enabled Creos to switch them back on and render them fully operational relatively quickly.

Ideally, electric points would be placed in areas without a flood risk. However, Creos have to balance the risks with finding a location where there is availability on the network to ensure an efficient connection. Meyer said the post in Eich was unlikely to be replaced because it could be bypassed on the network.

Otherwise, the Creos network held up well during the floods, with the exception of the previously-mentioned posts. Currently, the majority of issues were with individual customers struggling to get power back to normal within their homes. In most cases, these problems will have to be resolved by electricians, often necessitating a complete replacement of the power system. Creos will allocate provisional electricity sources for customers until they can be reconnected to the network.