A joint study undertaken by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Statec) and the European Statistical Office (Eurostat) took a closer look at pay differences based on gender.

According to the Statec/Eurostat report, the Grand Duchy has the lowest wage gap between men and women in Europe. The so-called gender pay gap is estimated to be 1.4% when calculated according to average hourly pay rates. In comparison, the average gap across Europe is ten times as high (14.1%).

Only Romania (2.2%), Italy (3.9%), and Belgium (5.8%) are close to the Luxembourgish average. Germany (20.1%) and France (15.8%) on the other hand still have a lot of work to do on the gender pay gap front.

When looking at the average of gross annual incomes, Luxembourg is similarly well-placed in terms of the gender pay gap, but still experienced a slight increase. With €67,675 for men, and €62,829 for women, the gap stands at 7.1%.

In terms of gross annual incomes, it is Romania that takes the top spot for the lowest gender pay gap (3.2%). Luxembourg comes in second, followed by Belgium (10%). Lowest in the ranking are Estonia (23.6%) and Austria (24.2%).