According to, travel company Sales-Lentz is looking into organising "vaccine trips" that would take interested customers abroad in order to get vaccinated.

Vaccine tourism as a business plan for an industry struggling to make money with holiday trips during a health crisis: as soon as May, the first buses could leave for destinations such as Serbia or Bulgaria.

Israel and Dubai are also being looked into and Sales-Lentz is already in talks with Luxair, according to

However, Luxair CEO Gilles Feith was quick to issue a statement formally distancing the airline from these rumours. "This is ethically untenable,", Feith said in response to the article. He confirmed Luxair would not actively support such trips.

In the article, Marc Sales himself states that the company is currently awaiting the necessary authorisation, which is expected to be granted in the near future. The price for a "vaccine holiday" would amount to around €800.

The Israeli ambassador to Luxembourg and Belgium responded to the article on social media, saying only tourists who have already been vaccinated will be permitted to enter Israel.