Locals blame Kronospan, a wood processing plant, for noise, foul odour, and dust in their town.

Municipal officials regularly receive complaints, which are often explained in great detail. People document changes around the industrial complex, which are in deed related to the wood processing as enquiries have revealed.

Sanem Mayor Simone Asselborn-Bintz noted that the communication with Kronospan was productive and cooperative. At the moment, local officials act as intermediaries between the company and residents to help find common ground: "We already sent experts to the plant, who assured as that the dust was in fact made up of wood particles, which are not harmful to us." Sanem officials try to hear every complaint and improve the situation as well as possible.

At the moment, Kronospan is adhering to all environmental standards. The plant is looking to expand and improve its infrastructure. A railway system is set be installed, which will help avoid the use of lorries in the long run.

Mayor Asselborn-Bintz explained that she was monitoring the changes to determine if they turn out to improve the situation. She further conveyed that she is proud to see that companies like to settle in Sanem: "We cannot always complain about everything. After all, the company brings job to our town and is respecting all environmental standards. We hope that locals will find a way to make their peace."

According to the Mayor, Kronospan is committed to transparency and communication.