Luxembourg's housing prices increased by 90.5% between 2010 and the third quarter of 2020, while rents only increased by around 14%, numbers published by eurostat show.

This places Luxembourg amongst the top three EU countries for fastest rises, following Estonia (+105.1%) and Hungary (+92.2%). On the other end of the spectrum, decreases were observed in Greece (-31.0%), Italy (-15.5%), Cyprus (-7.7%) and Spain (-4.5%).

For rents, the pattern was very different. Luxembourg saw an increase of about 14% in the last ten years, sitting around the EU average of 14.6%, whereas Estonia (+136.6%), Lithuania (+106.9%) and Ireland (+62.2%) saw exploding markets.

For the EU as a whole, over the period 2010 until the third quarter of 2020, rents increased by 14.6% and house prices by 26.8%.

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