In a letter to school administrations two weeks ago, the Ministry of Education gave further specifications on some of the new measures rolled out across Luxembourg's schools Monday.

Coronavirus measures: 30 November - Christmas

  • Masks are compulsory for all children above the age of 6 inside the building when not seated. Masks are to be worn in playgrounds.
  • Physical education and swimming lessons continue, team sports divided into a maximum number of 4 people
  • School canteens and cafeterias remain open, students can have hot meals in classrooms.

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Two Semesters

As had been previously announced, the school year 2020/2021 will be divided into semesters instead of trimesters. The first semester ends after the carnival holidays, while the second semester will start on 22 February and end on 15 July. Per semester, there should be at least as many exams and tests as normally in a trimester.

The upper classes in secondary schools will be subject to alternating classes as of Monday. This goes for quatrième, troisième, and deuxième grades in classic and general secondary education.

However, final year students (première) are exempt from this measure and will continue to attend school as per usual. The goal is to reduce the number of students at each school by half and thus also reduce the number of pupils in school buses.

Each school can decide for itself how exactly this new alternating system will be implemented, e.g. by reintroducing the A and B groups, or by relying on online classes. The alternation can be either daily or weekly.

No matter which decisions schools take, however, the ministry is adamant about not losing any school time. As such, the curriculum will not be reduced. Remote classes (via internet) will be mandatory, just as classes held in schools. Students will be able to connect to their teachers via Microsoft Teams and engage in the class.

"Student participation is compulsory in both face-to-face and distance learning courses," insists the Ministry of National Education.

The Minister of National Education, Claude Meisch, announced it on 12 November: in the event of partial reconfinement, the upper classes of the lycée would switch to the work-study model. The classes concerned are:

4th, 3rd and 2nd classes of classical secondary education,
4th, 3rd and 2nd classes of general secondary education
following classes of vocational training: 4TP, 3TP, 2TP, DP1 and DP2
The final classes will continue to operate face-to-face because of the exam year.

The number of students in vocational training is also to be reduced by 50%.

In vocational training, face-to-face courses should be given priority in the workshops and in the laboratory.


Unlike restaurants and cafes in town centers, school canteens and cafeterias remain open in schools in compliance with current health measures. But only four students will sit at the same table.

As the capacity of canteens is sometimes limited, pupils can have their hot meals ("Frupstut") in classrooms. There will then be no more than 10 in the same room.


In primary schools as well as in high schools, school visits, trips and excursions are canceled, in Luxembourg and abroad.

In basic education, educational outings in the forest are still permitted. No more than two classes can organize an outing together.


Students will have a two-week holiday between semesters, however teachers will continue to have class councils. Usually before Christmas and Easter students have three days off prior to the celebration; now classes continue until Friday.