RTL Today contacted the International School of Luxembourg for comment on how exactly the new governmental guidelines would be applied at their premises.

A spokesperson for the ISL gave these points:

"In light of the ongoing situation and further to the most recent announcements from the Ministry of Education, the measures described below will come into effect in the Upper School from Monday 30 November 2020. The new measures will remain in place until further notice.

Grades 9, 10 and 11 will move to a Rotating Classes Model with Connected Virtual Learning as described in detail in the revised ISL Roadmap, starting on page 13.


In this model, we have some Upper School grade levels learning on site and some learning off site.

Starting Monday 30 November, we will rotate the following classes:

Cohort A: All Students in G10
Cohort B: All Students in G11
Cohort C: All Students in G9

These three grade levels will rotate attending school and learning from home on a weekly basis.

Off-site access to learning

When off-site, remote access to teaching and learning is facilitated through our online platform. Aside from a slightly adapted schedule for students learning from home (see details below), access to learning is the same for all.

Teachers and Students Follow Existing Schedules

All lesson start times are as per the existing schedules and are the same for students on and off-site.

Although all lesson start times are the same, off-site learning lesson lengths are reduced slightly to allow students regular breaks in screen time and to allow for a smooth transition between Schoology conferences.

Extending the duration and/or expanding the cohorts

The measures described above are specific to the High School Grades 9, 10 & 11 and are expected to last from Monday 30 November until the winter vacation.

Other measures affecting learning on-site

There are some further adaptations to existing structures affecting the safe use of the cafeteria and other common areas which will be communicated in due course."