There are a number of places in the Grand Duchy where the country's youngsters can get tested.

The CHL's Children's Hospital offers PCR tests for children aged two or younger between 7 am and 11 am from Monday to Friday.

The Children's Hospital does not take in any children over two years of age. Instead, a doctor can write these children a prescription to get tested at a drive-in or external lab without the need for an appointment.

Interesting side note: The private lab operated by Bionext in Leudelange prioritises tests for children, i.e. parents do not have to queue with their children.

Children aged six or older require a doctor's prescription and need to make an appointment in order to get tested at the LNS testing centre in Dudelange.

In addition, between 700 and 800 pupils and teachers are to be tested daily in the Grand Duchy's schools as of next week. This was also announced in the Chamber of Deputies' Parliamentary Commission on Education on Friday morning.