The university welcomes back its students at the end of the week.

Never before has a new academic year required this much preparation. Besides primary and secondary pupils, students at the University of Luxembourg will also be welcomed at the end of this week.

A hybrid system is in place to balance rotate between students working following the courses from home and those coming to the campus. Most students will attend lectures via video conference, as Catherine Leglu, Vice Director of the university, explained to RTL.

Back to university / Report by Tim Morizet (in Luxembourgish)

"Courses requiring students to attend in person will remain in place, but groups will have to be smaller than 20 people. If a class has more students, a rotation system will be established where each week a different third of the class is physically present. The other two-thirds will participate from home.

Besides these safety measures, the university will also provide COVID-19 tests for its staff and students. Should an individual test positive, then the person's name will be held confidential and the class is put in isolation, and must stay away from the campus for 14 days, Leglu explains.

Staff were warned that a "plan B", such as a during a third wave, may require a shift to full online teaching of this academic year.