Horesca issued the statement on Wednesday, addressed at its more than 3,000 associated businesses and 20,000 employees.

Although the majority of businesses comply with the sanitary regulations, a significant number of penalties have been awarded over the course of recent weeks. Some for prolonged opening hours past midnight, others for serving clients that were not seated.

The Horesca statement therefore seeks to remind its members of the main rules that need to be followed:

  • A maximum of 10 people per table, except if people live under the same roof
  • Maintaining of 1.5 m distance between tables, or the installation of physical barriers
  • Customers can only be served while seated
  • Customers have to wear masks when not seated
  • Staff members that have direct contact with customers have to wear masks
  • Closing time is set at midnight

For purposes of transparency, the Horesca sector has created the "Safe to Serve" charter, which it encourages businesses to sign.