Luc Tapella, Director of the Luxembourg Institute of Regulation (ILR), was invited by RTL on Monday morning to discuss the developments of 5G in the Grand Duchy.

The next generation of cellular technology will be faster, have higher capacity and lower latency, says Luc Tapella.

As an example, interconnected ambulances could finally become a reality, forwarding patient information to machines and doctors in hospitals way in advance before arrival.

Five possible operators, including Post, Eltrona, Luxembourg Online, Orange and Proximus, will help build the necessary infrastructure. 4G antennas can be reused for this.

A 5G network should be in place by the end of 2020. The 700 MHz band should cover 50% of the country by 2022, and 90% by 2024.

Larger "dead zones" with no signal, as is the case in Germany and France where sometimes entire villages fall outside of coverage, will not be the case in Luxembourg, the director promises.

(video report in Luxembourgish)

Invité vun der Redaktioun: Luc Tapella
Den Invité vun der Redaktioun vu méindes bis donneschdes moies géint 8h10 am Studio vun RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg.