Minister for the Environment Carole Dieschbourg and Minister for Energy Claude Turmes presented Luxembourg's green relaunch plan, focusing on various support packages that owners who renovate their homes can apply for.

Giving housing in Luxembourg a green facelift: key points from today's press briefing

  • Carole Dieschbourg and Claude Turmes stressed that the general relaunch of Luxembourg should simultaneously be a rebirth of climate action. The ministers addressed a key component of the country's "Green New Deal": green renovations and related state support packages for owners willing to invest in making their homes more sustainable. "It has never been more [financially] attractive to renovate one's home sustainably", the two ministers repeatedly emphasised.  

  • But what does this mean exactly? It means that individuals can apply for financial support paid by the state to renovate their homes sustainably up until 31 March 2021. The renovation works do not have to be completed by then - 31 March is merely the deadline for handing in the application form via 

  • Let's talk numbers. The state subsidies for sustainable renovations that have already existed before the pandemic have been increased by 50%. In other words, half of energy counselling fees will be covered by the state. This could for instance amount to a total financial support of €3,300. The state will also cover 50% of the renovation expenses, which represents a financial aid of up to €30,000. The subsidies for sustainable heating have also been increased by 25%. The state will also additionally cover 81% of the costs for replacing a heat pump. The complete overview of renovation subsidies can be found on

  • The ministers also explained that the state-paid financial support for the purchase of electric cars has been increased by 60%. This means that buyers can benefit from a grant of up to €8,000 per car. #