Primary, secondary, final exams: classes are set to resume in May, with some changes. Here's everything you need to know.


Firstly, not all pupils will return to class at the same time.

The return to school will be staggered, starting on 4 May for students in their final year, while other secondary school classes will go back to school on 11 May.

Pupils in primary school or fundamental education, as well as reception, will return on 25 May.


Classes will attend alternate weeks. Each class will be divided into two groups, for primary and secondary students. Each group will attend school in person for one week, followed by a week of homeschooling or at a reception structure.

This means each teacher will hold the same class two weeks in a row, according to the Ministry of Education's statement.


The Ministry of Education announced a number of new measures which will be put in place in all educational establishments from 4 May.

Classrooms will be rearranged, the flow of traffic in hallways will be restricted, breaks will take place in phases, and students will be obliged to wear face coverings in the event that social distancing cannot take place.

Pupils will also have to cover their faces on public or school transport. Disinfectant will be widely available in classrooms and school entrances. A traffic plan will be developed for each school, and PE classes will be cancelled.

Students will also be encouraged to wash their hands regularly and to respect safe sanitary distances of two metres between each person.


For students in their final year of secondary school, the Luxembourgish government has assured them all efforts will be made to allow them to complete their schooling and achieve high school diplomas.

The final exams will take place from 25 May, according to the previous schedule, and will cover material studied up until 13 March. This is designed to give each student a fair chance to complete their final year.

It is important to note these measures are not applicable to the European Schools, who have cancelled their baccalaureate exams this year. The lycée Vauban has also cancelled their final exams.

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Students in their final year of vocational training (CCP, DAT, DT), will continue their courses until the final projects conclude. The length of these projects will be adapted and will only focus on material covered up until the end of the first semester.



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The alternate system will be all the more important since it will allow parents to decide whether they want their children to work at home or in childcare every other week .

The co-ordination of the dual system will be ensured by the director of basic education, the municipal authorities, the school committee and the service provider of the host structure concerned.



Whether classical secondary education, general, vocational training or music education, all students will resume their lessons on 11 May. Classes will take place using the alternate week system.

Students will review material taught before confinement and will have to participate in class assignments in mathematics, languages ​​and the specialisation classes for older students. New subjects will only take place after the Pentecost holidays.

Please note: all swimming lessons and sports lessons will be suspended until the end of the school year.

In vocational training, apprentices will be allowed to return to their apprenticeship post provided health measures are in place and practical training can be provided.

Individual music lessons will resume on 11 May but group lessons are to be suspended until further notice. With regard to the school programme, the Ministry of Education will ensure that tests and examinations will be adapted for all branches of music education


Over the weekend, a petition demanding the return to school be put on hold passed the 4,500 signature threshold to be debated in parliament.

The parliamentary Commission president said discussion would take place this week, but warned the ongoing processes would not be disrupted.