According to information obtained by RTL, the implementation of the phased exit plan could already be started as early as next week with the re-opening of individual construction sites.

The waiting may soon come to an end: first details of Luxembourg's phased exit plan will be made public on Wednesday, which is when the state council will meet and greenlight the gradual lifting of the current lockdown measures.

The exit plan is hoped to gradually resurrect Luxembourg's economy from its coronavirus-induced slumber. According to information obtained by RTL, construction firms may be among the first to be able to return to business as usual - individual construction sites may reopen as early as next week.

A report conducted by the consulting firm McKinsey will also play a key role in defining the government's next steps.

According to our sources, the coalition government is not reaching an agreement in terms of several specific measures that may or may not be implemented in order to allow the gradual lifting of the current lockdown measures. These points of disagreement for instance include the access to face masks, coronavirus tracing apps, and non-refundable financial state support for companies.

Mandatory face masks?

According to information obtained by RTL, the coalition government is yet to reach an agreement regarding the obtaining, distribution, and financing of face masks. It remains unclear how the masks would be distributed between individual municipalities, schools as well as buses and trains.

No exact date has been given for the lifting of lockdown measures but they are not expected to be lifted until 4 May, which is when schools are also set to reopen. It is possible that this date will be extended by a week based on advice from the Ministry of Health.

The state council meeting will take place at 2.30pm on Wednesday. The press will be informed after the meeting - we will provide updates later this Wednesday.