The new figures show another 190 confirmed coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, leaving the total number of cases at 2,178. The number of deaths also increased by one to 23.

This follows Monday's update, which saw 38 new confirmed cases - a significant drop from 119 on Sunday and 226 on Saturday. You can see how many cases have been confirmed each day since the outbreak in the second graph below, which we update immediately as new information comes in.

Minister of Health Paulette Lenert held a press conference on Monday, in which she confirmed that Luxembourg had 202 hospitalised coronavirus patients, 31 in intensive care, and that 80 people had been released from hospital. We do not have an update to these numbers for today.

Earlier on Tuesday, the ministry of health announced new recommendations meaning that even those displaying mild symptoms of the virus could get tested.

For the latest updates on the coronavirus both in Luxembourg and abroad, see our live ticker.

Development since start of outbreak

Cases graph

New cases per day

Daily cases