A hoax photo went viral on social media earlier this Sunday, accusing the young climate protesters of littering the "Kinnekswiss" park in Luxembourg City. Youth for Climate Luxembourg have now reacted to the fake news circulating on social media - with actual pictures of the park after the strikes.

Earlier this Sunday, a Facebook post has been making the rounds in Luxembourg, showing an image of a park covered with litter. The post claimed that this is the Kinnekswiss park, where the Fridays for Future protest ended after marching through Luxembourg.


It turned out that the photo that was used in the Facebook post was actually a hoax already debunked back in April. The photo did not show the Kinnekswiss and, as various social media users pointed out, was merely an attempt to discredit the young climate activists.

Youth for Climate Luxembourg react to accusations

RTL Today contacted Youth for Climate Luxembourg. In a private message, they said that they "were sad to see people going these lengths to discredit the initiative."

Youth for Climate Luxembourg have now publicly reacted to the defamatory fake news as well. In their own Facebook post, they shared actual pictures of the Kinnekswiss after the strikes and explained that they "had a team whose role was to make sure no trash was left behind, but they didn't even have that much of picking up to do, because the climate strikers are very clean."

They also explained that the first picture in the attached post "is from Friday at the end of the rally at Kinnekswiss."

"It's so sad that people try to discredit our efforts by making up lies. We would love to see this post being shared at least as much as the fake news!" the caption concludes.