While in France homeopathic medicines will no longer be reimbursed as of 2021, Luxembourg does not intend to follow suit.

As reported in the French press, homeopathic products will no longer be reimbursed by the French National Health Fund after 2021.

The derogation follows a report by the High Authority of Health (HAS) which concluded that homeopathic remedies had not demonstrated sufficient scientific evidence of effectiveness to justify a reimbursement.

Although Luxembourg continually monitors medical opinions and decisions prevalent in European or international authorities, there are currently no plans to follow the measures on homeopathic medicine taken by French authorities, said the Ministers for Health and Social Security in response to a question posed by MP Carole Hartmann.

In Luxembourg, 48 homeopathic medicines featured on the National Health Fund's white list and are reimbursed up to 80%. In 2018 this applied to 7,859 patients and cost €52,398.