Life has continued in the municipalities of Bascharage and Pétange, but the damage remains.

Two weeks after a devastating tornado ripped through the communities of Bascharage and Pétange, huge efforts have been underway to give residents the semblance of normal life.

The crisis centre has closed, fire fighters have left the areas, municipal employees have resumed their work and residents have carried on.

Walking through Bascharage now, signs of damage are still numerous throughout the town, but residents have resumed their daily lives.

Although local authorities were initially overwhelmed by the victims' demands, work has been carried out quickly and is still ongoing.

RTL visited on Friday to speak to residents and provide an update on the situation.


Manuela Galvez, who took the video footage which later circulated across European media, said repairs on her roof had finally concluded, allowing her family to return home, but there was still extensive work to be done inside. She had contacted her insurance after the tornado but was still waiting for a concrete response.

This illustrates the situation for many residents still waiting for roof repairs - a number of houses in the towns are covered with tarpaulins as a temporary measure.

Although the work completed by the emergency services, local communities and volunteers has thus far been exemplary, it is now time for the insurance companies to step in.

On Wednesday, local authorities reiterated that insurance companies were to be the first port of call for damage reporting.