On Wednesday July 10th the first cat café has opened its doors 19-25 rue des Capucins Luxembourg.

After the concept of cat cafes went through the roof in Japan more and more of these animal filled cafes have appeared all over the world.

Now, the concept has finally reached Luxembourg and Chalon de thé (a cat pun on salon de thé) has opened its doors on Wednesday. The operator already runs a successful café in Metz and has now decided to branch out to Luxembourg.

The café works like a normal café, meaning that you can enjoy food and drinks but on top of that you can also play with or stroke one of the many cats that wander through the premises. It is well known that playing with animals can reduce stress levels and makes people happier so this is the ideal place for cat lovers to take a break and relax.

© Chalon de thé

The establishment provides people who are not allowed to keep pets in their flats with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the company of animals for some time. In addition, cats can be adopted by visitors who have fallen in love with one of the many felines, which can then be taken to a new loving home.

More information can be found on their facebook page.